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Pk Peak Trek Juke

2017 PROPOSED TREK  SUPPORTing the Economical development of the village of Juke IN NEPAL 

Do you want to have a sensational adventure?

Reserve a place now on our trek in the Solu-Khumbu district of Nepal. You will traverse mountains and valleys rarely visited and experience living amongst the inhabitants of TAMANG and SHERPA!

Nepal is well-known for its superb mountain scenery; this together with the hospitality of the local population will guarantee a memorable and rewarding experience.

Participation in this trek will help the economical development of the village of JUKE and the surrounding villages of LODING and LAPCHA. It provides employment locally for young people, many of whom are otherwise forced to leave the area to seek work in the Gulf or Malaya; or seasonal employment in the more well-known areas of Annapurna and Mount Everest.

JUKE, a village situated amongst the foothills of Everest at 2700m above sea level, offers diverse scenery and rich and varied cultures in an area which is still little visited.

The trek goes along mountain ridges and giving spectacular views of the Himalayas and Mount Everest which at 8843m is the highest mountain on earth.

We have specially selected our guides from the local villages for their love and knowledge of the culture and traditions of the people of Sherpa and Tamang. Accommodation will be provided in local houses and inns giving you the opportunity of sharing their lives and emotions as they go about their everyday activities.

Since 2014, l’association Expressions Partage, has helped to finance various projects which were identified and completed by the local community:  reinstating electricity and drinking water supplies after the earthquake in 2015, construction of solar powered public showers, planting fruit trees and the distribution of seeds.

Where and how?

The trek takes place in the district of Solu-Khumbu, east of Kathmandu at altitudes between 2500m and 4000m above sea level.


Day 1: After travelling for much of the day in a Jeep from Kathmandu you will arrive at the first stop, Bakhre, from where you will descend by foot to the village of Kerung which is 2400m above sea level. This is about a one hour’s walk. The night will be spent in a small Sherpa inn at the foot of a monastery and the village school.


Day 2: After watching a Buddhist ceremony at the monastery you will begin the six hour walk to the village of Juke. On the way there will be tea and lunch provided at a local house.


Day 3: A day to relax in the village of Juke at an altitude of 2700m above sea level. Here you will be surrounded by the daily lives of the villagers; you can visit a mill, the electricity and drinking water plants and the school; watch performances of traditional dancing and enjoy the warm showers!


Day 4: From the village you will set off for a 2 hour walk coming to green pastures at 3000m above sea level, passing by mossy forests, Norman pines, rhododendrons and Junipers to discover the life of a shepherd, without running water or electricity. Here you will enjoy an authentic evening around a fire and spend the night in rustic accommodation.


Day 5: Leaving the pastures the trek continues along the mountain ridges at 3500m above sea level, with views of the Himalayas. This will be a 5 hour walk. Tonight’s accommodation is with an old Sherpa couple in the village of DAIRY at the Pikey Peak lodge which is 3640m above sea level. It is imperative to have warm clothing for this stop close to the summits!


Day 6: D-Day for the ascent to a height of 4067m up the Pikey Peak, which is considered to be a summit protector of the Solu-Khumbu region. Rising at the crack of dawn we shall see the sun rise over the everlasting snow and Mount Everest. A gentle ascent, taking about 1h 30mins at a steady pace, takes us to the summit of Pikey with a 360° panoramic view of the Himalayas (Khanchen Junga, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu, Annapurna) and the valleys. After descending back to PIKEY lodge there is a mid-day meal after which we depart for Jasmane Bhanjyang (3549 m) to spend the night in a lodge.


Day 7: Departure for the village of Loding which, at 2484m above sea level, is at the bottom of the valley. Whilst crossing the forest we shall avoid meeting bears, tigers and wolves!!! Food and lodging here is amongst the local inhabitants and there is a Buddhist monastery to visit. (Count on 4 hours of walking).


Day 8: A day spent in the village with Shamanic ceremonies and Momo workshops.


Day 9: A visit to the Hindu temple of Loding, an important site for pilgrims. Following this we return to “civilisation“: we leave for the small town of Phaplu (2469 m) where you will sleep in a comfortable inn with warm showers!!! There may be some Tibetan refugees in the town. (Count on 4 hours of walking).


Day 10: Crossing the pretty commercial town of Salleri which is 2379m above sea level we come back to the mountain path which leads to the next stop at the village of Bhittakharka where there will be a warm welcome at the Sherpa inn. The sunset over the mountains is a magnificent view here. In total 5 hours of walking with a break.


Day 11: A 4 hour walk to arrive at the village of Lapcha where we visit a school and where we experience the cooking of Dal Bhat, a national Nepalese dish!


Day 12: The last stage is a 5 hour walk to Bakhre where there is traditional Damai dancing and songs performed by local musicians.


Day 13: Return to Kathmandu in a jeep.                                    


Level of difficulty: 3/5

Level of comfort: 2/5 or 1/5

Cost: 800 euros/pers


The price is for each person in a group of 6 and this includes one guide for the group and one porter per person.

This trek takes 13 days of which 9 days are spent walking, 2 days travelling and 2 days resting in villages and visiting local amenities.

This trek is adjustable in length of time and route to suit the needs of the group.

Maximum of 6 people per group.

There is no bottled water accessible, bring a purifying kit!


March / April: Springtime with Rhodedendrons flowering

October / November: after the mists, Autumn in Nepal

Advice to trekkers :

  • Passport valid for 6 months after the planned return date
  • Register with Ariane (made available by the emergency services of the foreign affairs minister) ref:
  • Register on: and leave your insurance number
  • Insurance: check that you are insured and covered for mountain risks with evacuation by helicopter.
  •  Health: A valid medical certificate certifying your fitness to participate in this trek and a prescription for a basic first aid kit (no vaccinations are obligatory).
  • In France: with your next of kin leave a photocopy of your passport, bank card, telephone number of your insurance company and a copy of your plane ticket. Inform your bank that you are going to Nepal.
  •  In Nepal: leave the same photocopies at the agency (without a bank card) together with contact details for your next of kin who is holding the other copies.
  • Equipement:
    • Good waterproof walking shoes which have already been used.
    • Spare pairs of socks.
    • Underwear in polypropylene
    • Gloves, hat, sun glasses, sun lotion upv 50, warm clothes and waterproof garments.
    • A good duvet and a silk sheet
    • Telescopic walking sticks
    • A water bottle
    • Small back pack (dried fruit, water bottle, sun lotion, toilet paper….)

The luggage that you carry must be a back pack weighing less than 15 kg, any other type of bag is forbidden.

 It is possible to buy or rent suitable equipment in Kathmandu. Consult the Guide du Routard or Lonely Planet for information and addresses.


Népal: Friendship World Trek 

Managing director: Nima Dorjee Tamang

France: Delanoue Floriane:

Our association

EXPRESSIONS PARTAGE is a humanitarian Vendéen association which has worked for 20 years with sectors in great need. We prioritise our activities towards improving the health and education of children and families. We care for the development of all: under-aged mothers & fathers and old people, assisting families with their needs and wishes in order for them to be independent.

Our current project

For three years our activities have focussed particularly on an isolated mountain village in Nepal, JUKE, which is situated 2700 metres above sea level, in the SOLUKKHUMBU-EVEREST region. Twenty seven families live there as a self sufficient community. They can only satisfy their needs by the whole family labouring in the fields; picking potatoes and growing a little corn and wheat. There is little livestock or fruit picking.

The habitat is poor, the climate cold and life primitive. However, the two ethnicities, TAMANG and SHERPA, want to stay and live in the village. They know the dangers of going to live in the valleys, without work, without direction. Neither do they want the men to have to go to work in Qatar or Malaya in sub-human conditions. Life expectancy in this region is low and there are few old people.

Participation in this trek will help the economical development of the village of JUKE. It provides employment locally for young people, many of whom are otherwise forced to leave the area to seek work in the Gulf or Malaya; or seasonal employment in the more well-known areas of Annapurna or Mount Everest. All the guides and porters are natives of Juke or the surrounding region.

JUKE, a village situated amongst the foothills of Everest at 2700m above sea level, offers diverse scenery and rich and varied cultures in an area which is still little visited. We are offering a reception in the homes of the local inhabitants, in the heart of the Tamang and Sherpa culture. Travellers will also experience the life and emotions of the local population as they go about their daily lives and discover the culture and religions (Buddhism and Hiduism) of the Tamang and Sherpa people. The value placed in Animism and the role of Shamans can be appreciated with mutual respect.

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